• Aug 04, 2017
  • by Madison Grace

The Project Hentai manga Her Sensitive Spot is a story that some may enjoy adding to their collection. Its categories range from erotica to fetishes.

This physical manga is styled much like other Project Hentai books; thin pages, a thin cover (at least the first edition), though there are about 12 pages of fully colored art that is broken up into two different story lines. The pages of the manga are not a bright white color, which would have made the black ink stand out more. 

Be aware also that this is a censored manga. While it’s not the worst censor it’s still small thin lines which cover the tops of important bits. Breasts and holes are fully seen in many images. I’ve always found it odd how censors work in hentai manga, when the money shot is often not censored yet basic human parts are.

The art work, while has its pretty moments, gives me a more simple feel. Maybe it gives me a feeling of older art style rather than more contemporary works.

Their outfits are often very basic when you look closely at them; not that they stay on the people for long. It may seem like a simple thing to take notice, but when I read my hentai or manga all the little details can really make the world come alive and, in turn, more pleasurable reading. In saying that, simplicity has its place and Her Sensitive Spot puts more emphasis on, well, sensitive spots versus lavish outfits.

When it comes to Her Sensitive Spot in terms of content and length we find out that we get a total of ten short stories. It always seems to be a hit or miss when we get this many short stories in one manga and this one is no exception. While some of the stories were cute and sexy, many did not keep my attention as much as other hentai manga has managed to do in the past. This may be due to the fact that it was hard for the writer to build each story enough to really engage me and keep me falling in love with each sexy character.

The other issue that popped up to me is the fact that two of the girls in the manga almost looked exactly the same. It caught me off guard to the point I did stop and go back to double check another’s name, but they were in fact different characters.

Artists should make sure when they do 10 different stories that aren’t connected that each girl or boy looks different. It makes the viewers feel like they ran out of ideas, were unable to create different looks, or were just lazy by the end of the manga. I want my sexy men and I want my sexy girls! It helps to put the effort into character design as that is a driving force for a lot of people to get any sort of enjoyment out of the hentai.

The only thing I had issues with other than the two girls is a fetish that is not in my box of goodies. That is uranation. They snuck it in to one of the stories and during that story it was hinted that the character did not mean to do it. So I was like okay not a big deal... Then one of the last stories it happens again only with a lot more. While it is not in my box of goodies for a sexy good time I understand there may be men and women who love that fetish.

Over all, if you enjoy older style art, some extreme fetishes, and do not mind short stories; this manga would not be a bad one to pick up

For my Dildo rating I would give it: 3 ½ out of 5.  

Review by Foxglove