• Jun 02, 2017
  • by Madison Grace

The first thing that hits you about this manga is the size of the physical copy.  It is about 10 inches tall and a little over 7 inches wide and the cover is fully in color front and back. The pages of this manga are the kind that I love to death.  Nice, thick and bright white pages that just make the black ink pop as you read through the sexy fun time in its pages.

The art work that in this manga is the type that I find to be very attractive.  The character art feels more modern than some hentai I've read recently.  As is the nature with pretty hentai, we are lucky enough for both male and female readers to be able to gaze upon sexy art all the way around.

As for the story, one thing that’s shocking is how well thought out the setting is.  The creator put a lot of thought and detail into the location, making the reader feel as if it was a real amusement sex park.  Details such as having to be tested for STDs at the gate prior to entry, cleaning your private parts in the same manner, and even men having to wear a special condom, all put into a place systems of security and safety.

Another interesting twist in the sex park is the sticker markers that people place on themselves; green stickers mean anyone can touch you, while blue stickers mean anyone can kiss, with pink stickers saying that anyone can have sex with you.  You also have a handy dandy ID bracelet that allows you to use the park’s money system!

As for what kind of sex we are getting in this manga there is a wide range of different positions and acts.  We end up seeing group sex, foursomes, outdoor sex and exhibitionism, plenty of cock sucking, spit roasting, fingering, doggy style, costume sex, and even masturbation.  

However, what happens if you cannot find another park guest who wants to fuck you? That little bracelet that you got at the gate allows you to pay some of the worker’s and they will be more than willing to have a fun time with you.  There is someone for everyone so no worries about wasted money. If you do not want to take park in the physical activity you are more than welcome to watch others get fucked in every possible way.

At the end of the day, just like other big amusement parks, there is a huge parade which is a mash up of stripping polls, sex out on the street, and cum flying (Mizuryland’s version of confetti, I suppose).  

While this manga is shorter than most of the Project –H’s other manga’s I’ve read, it is still a great addition to anyone’s collection.  And due to the fact that this park is made up for those who wanted to be there it is another safe read for women or even men who would prefer to stay away from rape scenes in their manga (though some may like that).  

All the women who are here at the park, at least in this volume of the series (now spanning a few volumes), are there of their own free will and many even start the interaction between another male costumers to get their freak on.  In a lot of ways it is a very empowering manga when we look at the women in it.  They decided to go to this park; they decided how much sex they wanted.  And even better yet, they are not the only ones wearing sexy outfits so everyone is sexualized not just one sex.

Overall I would give this manga a 4.8 in dildo rating.  The reason for this dildo rating is a couple of reasons. One would be because of how short it is (only 36 pages long) and I know that could turn some people off. The second reason is because early on in the story there seems to be a grammar issue. These two issues are no reason to not pick up this hentai manga.

I really want to see what happens in the next days of the park’s story.  I also hope that Project-H will release the other days as a physical copy because I honestly would love to have the whole series on my shelf in physical form.  It is a unique sexy story, which shows the reader it is okay to enjoy sex no matter who you are and there are safe ways to do so.  Heck if there was a real park like this that had this much thought and care in safety measures it would most likely be my next vacation spot.

Review by Foxglove


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