• Jul 11, 2017
  • by Madison Grace

For anyone who has noticed the quality of hentai in the west, both in vivid colors and the high quality aspect of lots of their art, Trembling Lips stands out as a statement by Project Hentai. It has given a level of quality that I have been wanting for a while from Project Hentai. The pages are bright white that makes the details pop more than other books before it. It’s a nice change of pace and it’s quite noticeable from it’s early pages.

The categories for this manga range from bukkake, cunnilingus, fellatio, threesomes, teachers, students, and porn with plot. It also has the added benefit of being uncensored

The artwork I found to be amazing; it is a fresh newer style that is very detailed, so it wasn't hard on the eyes throughout the book. The nipples I notice must be the favorite part of the female body when it comes to the artist as they’re very detailed and large, so it would be hard not to notice.

As for the story, I did enjoy it as it flowed nicely and the sex scenes were filled with passion, not just lust. This just makes it even more enjoyable, both hot and sexy.  

The first two stories are based around teacher-student relationships, but each story has different pairings which look very different. 

Aside from these, there are some more unique stories. The first one of these has to deal with a brother and sister, which an obsessive brother-seeking sister as the driving forces behind it. She wears an eye patch as well as cat ears, so her cute factor is up there. While it has some sexy parts in it, I think this short story is supposed to be more comical, especially with whited out eyes and some extra drool. You’d have to read it to know what I mean by this. It gave me a chuckle while I read it.

The second odd story is a group of students who have a key to an empty club room. Their club actives, however, are more about just screwing each other than anything sports related. Enter the new girl who seems to be quiet and shy, who turns out to be the character that has gang bang fetishes. Now some may be categorize this as non consent, but I’m not sure if I should punish its rating for this reason. She clearly tells the love interest that this is the only way she feels something and she is the one who brought the “outsiders” to the room by herself. The guys, though, could have listened to her a bit more though. Communication makes the best sex.

Needless to say if you have trouble reading non consent titles, you may not want to read that story. If you end up passing on Trembling Lips because of that one short story you WILL miss out on the other beautiful artwork from the other stories.

I really, really want to give it a full 5 dildo rating, but because this one story is here I am going to give it a 4.5. I honestly try to rate it so that way all the readers can feel comfy about reading the hentai manga. Sometimes content tags/categories are simply not clear enough until you’ve read and viewed a hentai manga.  

In the end though, Trembling Lips is worth the purchase, regardless of the format you get it. I hope that Project Hentai keeps up this higher quality art, especially the hard copy books!

Review by Foxglove