• May 24, 2017
  • by Madison Grace

Once again Project-H has gotten their hands on a wonderful hentai manga.  And I am not talking about a basic “Hey I am your Pizza man and I got your sausage right here” type of story.  But this story is one that flows, and makes you want to find out how it is going to end by the last novel.   

We begin with a guy who seems to be having all the luck in the world only to find out one drunken signature can easily throw your life off canter. He becomes somewhat of a baby sitter and boyfriend at the mercy of a rich girl demanding anything and everything, from basic chores to a fun time between the sheets.  

The reader quickly finds out that this girl enjoys living in a hotel away from her folks. This has allowed her to have group sex parties with her friends who seem to be using her for a quick fuck.  

We end up seeing the interactions between her and her on-again, off-again boyfriend, and how she deals with her feelings that she begins to develop towards her new boy toy.   

At first the reader may not enjoy the main female character due to her shallow personality. Yet, as you continue reading the story you begin to fall for her tsundere style behavior, and in turn, end up learning a bit more about her past as the first volume ends.

We don’t all read these reviews though to know the story, even if that’s always the backdrop. What you really want to know is: How good is the sex?

On top of the fact that all the girls are really well drawn and pleasing to the eyes, we get a wide range of fun positions and sexual acts.

It should also be noted for the female reader’s that yes, the guys in the manga are also not bad looking.  No creepy grin or smile that many hentai men are plagued by.  

Throughout the volume we do see group sex, up against the wall and bent over, cock sucking, doggy style, fingering, tit play, woman on top, kneeling fox, as well as other basic positions, but very little girl on girl play.  

Keep in mind this manga is censored, meaning while you will see tits and ass and even cum you will not be seeing any cocks or pussy’s on the page.  Most of the time you do not notice until it comes to the blow job sections of the manga and then it is like the girl’s mouth is sucking air, but I am sure we all understand what is going on.  The only thing I wish is that we could get an uncut version in the west. It would improve the artwork quality of this manga nicely.

For female readers, I would classify this manga to be a safe read for all the ladies out there.  There are no rape scenes in this volume; all the women are more than willing in all scenes with bed time fun.

There is a story line present helps push the story forward and this makes the sex scenes all that much better when you come to them.

The manga itself is designed with the same binding, paper, and ink quality you would get from picking up any non-hentai manga from a store.  We get a total of four pages that are colored, as is typical. I would love to see more of this art worked colored because it really makes the characters pop, but that at least is wishful thinking.   

I can easily see this hentai manga turn into a hentai anime if anyone got around to it (at least, to my knowledge there isn’t one).  If they have made that I’m unaware of, please point me to it!  

I would recommend this manga to anyone who enjoys collecting hentai mangas, but also even to someone who is first getting into the whole hentai manga world.  It is one that is not too rough, or too far out of this world, allowing for the reader to sit down and enjoy some sexy time fun, even with the mild censors.

Stay tuned for near-future reviews of volumes 2, 3, and 4 to tie up both the story and sexcapades of Velvet Kiss.

Over all I would give this hentai manga 5 Dildos rating out of 5.

Review by Foxglove