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Fetish Grab Bag
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Alt. Title: ふぇち鍋 / fechinabe Reach into the Fetish Grab Bag and you'll find: Girls in tight swimsuits. Girls in tight bunny suits. Girls in sexy maid outfits. Girls in sexy naked aprons. Girls.  In this collection of juicy shorts, you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll fantasize! So, do yourself a favor and reach into this Fetish Grab Bag! From the artist who brought you the ever popular Ring x Mama, for the first time ever, Joji Manabe presents a new collection of juicy shorts focusing on women in tight clothing: Fetish Grab Bag. From swimsuits and bunny suits to aprons and cheerleader outfits, the women are hot and their outfits even hotter! What outfit turns you on?
Makunouchi Deluxe Vol. 1
$17.95 USD
Alt. Title: 幕の内でらっくす / makunouchi derakkusu Makunouchi is a rough town, and it takes a tough detective like Ryou Genba to survive amidst the gangs, drugs, and guns. So why does the arrival of a beautiful new recruit, Rei Mikura, throw his world into chaos? What does she have to do with the mysterious leather-clad thief Ryou discovered crawling throughout the city during night? Action, mystery, and romance abound in this series by hentai master, Joji Manabe!
Makunouchi Deluxe Vol. 2
$17.95 USD
Alt. Title: 幕の内でらっくす / makunouchi derakkusu Feisty, catty Rei and insatiable Ryou know better than to mix work with pleasure…but they just can’t help themselves! After all, solving cases all day leaves a lot of pent-up energy for nighttime. Can these two sometimes-lovers keep it together in the midst of crime sprees and jealous meddlers? Makunouchi Deluxe plays to win with the tightest outfits and the biggest laughs! Can a sassy cat and a perplexing panda prove to be the hottest heroines in the city? And will a rivalry over one guy get in the way of their ferocious fighting technique?
Makunouchi Deluxe Vol. 3
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Alt. Title: 幕の内でらっくす / makunouchi derakkusu Rei has made uneasy peace with devilish Ryou’s ravenous…appetites! But can this pair of passionate lovers put aside their sexy games to sink the largest crime syndicate in town? And once the smoke clears, will their relationship be safe and strong…or blown to bits?  Makunouchi Deluxe dares to dip into a crazy world of danger, intrigue…and explosive desire! Are a detective and a burglar destined to fight tooth and nail, or will they find a way to combine their powers and penetrate the darkest corners of a violent city?
Not Enough Time to Pull It Out! Vol. 1
$17.95 USD
Alt. Title: くいこみをなおしてるヒマはないっ!/ kuikomi o naoshiteru hima wa nai! Hometown hero Samejima has his pick of the local girls after a four-year stint in glamorous Tokyo! But will his swimsuit fetish act in place of his heart? And can cute and clever Haruka find a way to swim laps around his flirty competition? Not Enough Time To Pull It Out! makes a splash with a team of sexy swimmers and their superstar aqua-crush! Which bathing beauty will dive in deep and claim the gold medal for nabbing the hottest hunk in the pool?
Ring X Mama Vol. 1
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Alt. Title: リンXママ / rin x mama Justice Asuka and her group, GIGAMAX, took the women’s wrestling world by storm, but after a traumatic loss the group retired and went their separate ways. Years later, a college student, Ryoma, finds out his landlady, the kind and gentle Sanae, is actually his favorite former wrestling super star, Justice Asuka! What’s more, he finds out GIGAMAX is staging a comeback and they want him to act as their manager! Between finding a new gym, recruiting former members, and relieving the wrestler’s sexual energy, will Ryoma make it as their manager?? Jump in the ring and find out! Rditorial Reviews: FandomPost (Kelly Edgecomb) A talented ecchi artist from the 1980s crosses over to the dark side of hentai, and crafts a shameless and sweet title pandering to everything I look for in an ero-manga. Manabe promises fighting girls and MILFs, and he delivers in a...
Ring X Mama Vol. 2
$17.95 USD
Alt. Title: リンXママ / rin mama The adventure of the man with the unsinkable package continues! With the successful comeback of MILF wrestling trio, GIGA-MAX, well underway, upstart wrestling manager Ryoma Hamazaki is getting a lot more attention. When it comes to his team, Ryoma’s willing to put his body on the line. But as his stable of female wrestlers continues to grow, will Ryoma find himself in over his head? What would you do if everyone wanted a piece of your action? Egos and bodies collide in this action packed volume of Ring X Mama! Get ready for a celebration of brawn and beauty, as you take in the exploits of Ryoma and the GIGA-MAX crew. With its mix of mature and mischievous women, you’ll be tempted by the bare bodies in and outside of the ring.
Ring X Mama Vol. 3
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Alt. Title: リンXママ / rin mama As the manager of an all-girl wrestling team, cute (and oh-so randy) Ryoma has more bodacious beauties on his hands than he can handle! But will his leadership shine when his stars take to the mat…or does he only play the boss in the bedroom? Ring x Mama wins every round with gorgeous female fighters galore! With a serious team rivalry getting everyone hot under the leotard, it’ll take plenty of hard training to keep spirits high and passions hot!
Ring X Mama Vol. 4
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Alt. Title: リンXママ / rin mama Ryoma’s managerial technique gets a real workout thanks to an army of sexy women wrestlers! But when it comes to following his heart, does he have the strength to stand up for the right side…or will he cave to the pressures (and passions) of a crafty minx?Ring x Mama swings and connects with sultry fighters and nonstop erotic action! Once the lines between friend, teammate, and lover begin to blur, can an all-out battle be too far behind? Who will lay claim to the championship belt once the smoke clears?
Ring X Mama Vol. 5
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Alt. Title: リンXママ / rin mama Ryoma’s long days as a manager-friend-lover are running him ragged! Can he slow down and guide his top female wrestlers to the stunning victories they deserve? Or will his after-hours adventures drain him of the energy he needs to manage a very serious new merger?Ring x Mama hits the mat (and the mattress) with unbelievable fighters and unbridled passions! Can a motley team of beautiful women pin down their desire for the same man and rise to victory…or will they burn out before the final bell rings?