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Love Clinic Vol. 2
$9.95 USD
Alt. Title: コイバナ診察室 / koibana shinsatsushitsu The erotic exploits of Director Koharu, Hane, and Masaru continues in volume 2 of Love Clinic. The notoriety of the clinic is growing thanks in large part to the success of Masaru curing patients of their sexual inhibitions. Although, his progress with deepening his relationship with Koharu...not so much. Opportunities to confess his feelings seem to constantly pass him by. Determined, Masaru builds confidence day by day to finally tell her how he feels, but time isn't on his side. The time to say goodbye is drawing closer as his internship at the clinic will soon come to an end...
Love Clinic Vol. 1
$9.95 USD
Alt. Title: コイバナ診察室 / koibana shinsatsushitsu The only thing Masaru wants to do in life is to help people and dreams of becoming a caregiver one day. He desperately needs an internship and is soon interning at a clinic run by Director Koharu. He can’t help feeling an instant attraction to her, but soon discovers that she runs an unorthodox practice known as Sexual Neurology. He finds himself “helping” the female clients with their sexual problems. Masaru reluctantly accepts his mission to help all the women with broken hearts that enters Koharu’s clinic, but he finds it increasingly difficult to do so when all he wants is to have Koharu all to himself.