Power Play! (2nd Edition)

Power Play! (2nd Edition)


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Alt. Title: Powerプレイ!/ power purei!

Sadaharu is a 30-year-old would be game designer whose world is turned upside down when the characters from his latest hentai game start coming to life! What’s more, they all think he’s the great Incubus King Shadahr. What’s a man to do when you have beautiful buxom babes trying to kill you? Is he really the Incubus King or is something more at play?

Power Play! is sure to please with its cast of sexy soldiers, feisty familiars, naughty ninjas, and sensuous sorceresses. Can our hero survive this case of mistaken identity or will he be washed away in a torrent of pleasure?

*The 2nd Edition consists of heavier paper stock, redesigned cover, and a dust jacket.

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