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Sweet romances, childhood friends, schoolgirl loves, the Vanilla Collection has it all. If you like your hentai with a bit of sugar, this is where you'll find it.
Hammer and Mermaid!
$9.95 USD
Alt. Title: はんまめいど! / hanmameido! Keiichi is a young man unable to swim due to fear of the water. Everything changes for Keiichi when he is dragged to a fitness club and quickly becomes enamored with one of the swimming instructors, Shizuku. He becomes determined to learn to conquer his fear in order to win her heart. Nothing runs smoothly for Keiichi as he always becomes terrified whenever he comes in contact with water. To make things even more difficult, Keiichi finds himself swept away by the beauties that frequent the club and are eager to seduce him. Will Keiichi learn to overcome his fear and win Shizuku over?
With Love, From Mochizuki
$10.77 USD $17.95 USD
Alt. Title: 望月さんの恋文 / mochizuki san no koibumi "When I think of you, I lose sleep at night. I want your...glorious cock inside of me"?! Sweet, book-loving Sayako Mochizuki's love letters aren't like your average girl's, and luckily for one certain Kazunori Uchida, she wants his help in making all her poetic ramblings a reality! Meanwhile, country girl Mari Hojo has discovered the wide world of online porn, and can't wait to experience it all for herself -much to her supervisor's chagrin! But some girls aren't as eager as others, and super busty, super sexy Chiho is too serious to make love to her boyfriend, Masashi. Will a chance encounter in the locker room change her mind, or will Masashi be blue balled for eternity? With Love from Mochizuki brings you ten vignettes full of love, sex, and of course cute girls who are a little bit odd and a lot...