About us



We publish Hentai manga for the discerning fan. Our titles will appeal to perverts of all genders, both casual and hard mode fans. We want to expand Hentai readership and encourage everyone everywhere to wear their fetish with pride.

Selection. We work with top publishers in Japan to bring you the newest and greatest in 2D love. Offering both Print and Digital for more than 100 titles over the next two years.

Porn with plot. Don't get us wrong... we love to read 200 pages of paizuri (ouch), but in addition to that we offer porn with drama, comedy, action, and romance.

While we encourage our hentai to be shared with your significant other, we also know that privacy is valued (especially from your imouto), so all shipments are sent out in discreet packaging.

Because we too are discerning fans, the attention invested into every single localization process ensures top quality.

We are interested in what you have to say. Send all your inquiries, comments and suggestions to: projecth_desk@emanga.com


We also announce special sales, promotions, limited time offers, fun events, important updates, and much more on our Twitter (@projecthbooks).