How To Get Dumped In Style

How To Get Dumped In Style


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Alt. Title: 彼女にフラれる上手な方法

Kazuma is ready to end his relationship with Minowa, an older woman, but can't bear the guilt of doing it himself. In a last-ditch effort to get dumped, Kazuma tries asking for some rather peculiar changes in the bedroom. But how does Minowa react?

Other short stories include a beautiful female detective who investigates adulterers, a young Japanophile foreigner, an aspiring actress, and more! 

Author/Artist: KUBUKURIN (九部玖凛 )
Imprint: PROJECT-H
ISBN-13: 9781624591365
ISBN-10: 1624591361
Type: Series
Genre: Hentai, Seinen, Erotica

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