Sexless Friend Vol. 2

Sexless Friend Vol. 2

Hidetaka Kakei

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Alt. Title: セックスレスフレンド / sekkusuresu furendo

Tsukasa Suo and Mikoto Himenomiya have finally made some progress in overcoming their fear of the opposite sex. Less awkward and more relaxed around one another, they seem the perfect odd couple to Kisaki's eyes. Little does she know that Suo only has eyes for her! So, when Kisaki's ignorance pushes Suo away, Himenomiya discovers that she has developed feeling for him. But! What will she do with this new revelation? And who is this new girl that showed up to shield Kisaki from a two-faced Suo?!

In the conclusion of Sexless Friend, the dramedy trio finally resolve and clarity their feelings for each other. Who gets the happy ending, if at all?

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